Thursday, November 12, 2009

Club Penguin Mission #4 Avalanche Rescue Cheats

1. Talk to G. G lets you into the gadget room after you ask him where the life preserver is, so be sure to ask him!

2. Go into the gadget room.

3. Pick up the life preserver.
4. Go inside the lighthouse, and take the peice of rope of the red boat.

5. Go to the ski village. Pick up the white peice of fur that is next to the ski lift.

6. There is a crying penguin in the ski village. Talk to him. He says that the ski lift is broken, you offer to fix it. Take a look at the ski lift; it needs some sort of belt.

7. Go to the sport shop. Remove the belt from the lime green penguin maniquin.

8. Go back to the ski lift, and place the belt on it. Now it's fixed! Go back and talk to the penguin again, he is so happy!

9. Go into the ski lodge, and take the fishing pole that is leaning on the 'Gone Fishing' door. Now you can make a retrieving machine using the life preserver, the rope, and the fishing pole. In your inventory add the fishing pole to the life presever, then add the rope to the fishing pole and life preserver.

10. Now go to the ski hill. Go down the Penguin Run course. Now you have a choice of three different directions. Go in this order: Right, middle, middle, left, right.

11. You are now at the end of the maze. Continue to rescue the penguins!

12. To rescue the penguins: First knock down the branches with your life preserver.

Second: Send down the life preserver to the penguin on the tree.

Third: While the first penguin is on the life preserver toob, send it to the penguin on the small snowy ledge.

Fourth: Put one penguin back on the tree, and then with one penguin still on the life preserver send it down the penguin almost directly below the tree. Then re-rescue the penguin on the tree.

Fifth: Place all three penguin on the ledge behind the rock. They all start pushing. Soon the rock falls and bounces the last penguin up onto a slightly higher ledge.

Sixth: Have all three penguins get onto the life preserver again and send it down to rescue the last penguin. You've rescued all the penguins!

13. Talk to G. Give him the white fur. You're done!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Club Penguin Mission #3 Case of the Missing Coins-Cheat Guide

1. Talk to Rory (The green penguin.) Rory closes the door to the vault. You must find the combination. Go upstairs to the office.

2. Look around the room until you find the orange/yellow couch.

3. Look under the couch.

4. Pick up the paper clip and the computer disk.

5. Look at the door that goes to the roof......oops, you need a key! (You'll get the key later on!)

6. Go to the computer. Click the power button. Put the computer disk in.

7. Click on 'My files.'

8. Click on 'Combination Number.'

9. Each game the combination number will change.

10. Go back downstairs and enter the combination number into the vault.

11. When you enter the correct number the vault will open.

12. Go inside the vault! The coins are on the ceiling! Click on the coins.

13. Talk with Rory.

14. After you finished talking with Rory your spy phone rings.

15. Answer your spy phone. It's G, he tells you to meet him in HQ.

16. Open your spy phone and teleport to HQ.

17. Talk to G and watch his video.

18. G tells you to go to the roof. Tell G you tried the roof, but the door was locked. G opens a drawer full of keys for you. Now to pick the right key.....

18. After getting the key, go back to the door marked roof, and unlock it. Go onto the roof.
19. Notice there is a peice of white fur on the drain. Pick it up.
20. Take out your spy phone, open up the tools, and take out the wrench. Unbolt the power box.
21. Look inside the power box. Take the paperclip out and while holding it click on the power box. The power box breaks down, and you hear something fall downstairs. Go down to the fault.
22. Talk to Rory.
23. Report back to G and you're done!

Club Penguin Mission #2 G's Secret Mission-Cheat Guide

1. Talk to G. G asked tells/asks you a riddle. To find the answer go to the Ski Hill and click on the sighs pointing at the different sledding courses. Look at the code written on the one with the three, green, circles on it. Open up your code sheet and decode it. The answer is mogul.
2. After you give G the correct answer, G will ask you test his new sled. Take the sled.
3. Go to the Ski Mountain. While holding the sled, click on the test run sign.
4. You should now be sledding, and you will soon wreck, but don't worry, that's how it's supposed to be!
5. After the crash you find yourself in the Club Penguin wilderness. Around you are a few items you should pick up: a piece of rope, and the survival guide. Read the survival guide.
6. Go into the clearing with the bush and the log. Take the ski out of the bush.
7. Then go into the clearing with the stump and the puffles.
8. Click. All the puffles run away except for the black puffle, the black puffle will follow you from now on, and will soon come in handy.
9. Proceed to the clearing with the O berries. Pick three O berries. They will be useful later on. Now go back to the clearing with black puffle and give it a O berry, or else it will not follow you!
10. In the same clearing there is a tree with a pot stuck in it. Shake the tree until the pot falls out.
11. Go to the clearing with the stream. Pick up the log. Go to the stream.
12. Fill your pot up with water.
13. Now make a fishing pole: First take you ski. Second put the rope on it. Then add a O berry for bate.
14. Now cast into the water and you catch a fish!
15. Turn a little, and see a cave. Continue to the cave.
16. Go into the cave. Click on the rocks around the pit, and all the rocks will fly together to make a fire pit.
17. Now to build a fire: First place the log in the fire pit. Second take the survival guide out of your inventory and place it in the fire pit. Third give the black puffle an O berry and it will light your fire!
18. Time to eat! Cook your fish on the fire and eat. Then boil the water on the fire and drink it. You will then fall asleep.
19. When you wake up, you hear a noise outside! Go outside and you are rescued!
20. Talk to G and then the game ends and you receive your reward!

Club Penguin Mission #1 Case of the Missing Puffles-Cheat Guide

1. Talk to Aunt Arctic
2. Look around Aunt Arctic's igloo; notice that the camera is gone
3. Open the map and go to the sport shop; ask Gary if he has any SPECIAL items. Gary asked you a secret question; "How many pairs of socks do I own?"
4. Go to the Pet Shop and look at the tag on the brown puffle house. This tag tells you the answer to Gary's question. The answer changes every time you do the mission, so I can't tell you the exact answer. To get the answer, open up your code sheet located at the bottom of the screen.
5. After you have the answer go back to the Sport Shop and give Gary your answer. If your answer is correct Gary will show you two secret gadgets. Take the life preserver shooter and the grappling hook.
6. Go to the Ice Berg and see a group of penguins stranded on a small piece of the ice berg that mus have broken off.
7. Talk to the penguins.
8. Take out the life preserver shooter and while holding it, click on them. A mini game should open up.
9. After the mini game opens up attempt to shoot life preservers to the penguins. Keep in mind the amount of wind and what direction it is blowing!
10. After you save all the penguins, talk to the one green penguin who is standing by himself, he tells you about seeing two puffles.........
11. Go to the Ski Mountain and talk to the crying penguin with his telescope. The penguin wants you to help him fix his telescope.
12. To fix the telescope take your spy phone out of your inventory and click on the flashing red tools light, three tools will pop out, click on the wrench, and use it to fix the telescope!
13. After you fix the telescope, look through the telescope and see the green puffle flying around the tallest mountain.
14. Go to the tallest mountain.
15. Take your grappling hook out and while holding it click on the small ledge on the mountain.
16. Once you are on the mountain, the green puffle will come flying up; talk to the green puffle and it will lead you to the purple, then take them back to Aunt Arctic.
17. Finish talking to Aunt Arctic, and then receive your reward!

Gluckswin's Top 5 Fun Things To Do In Winter

Below I've listed my top 5 things to do at Club Penguin in the winter along with pictures of my penguin doing it!

One of my favorite things to do in the winter is to have a good snowball fight! Here I am on team red, however sometimes I also go on team blue! What's your favorite team? Please comment and tell me!

Here I am sledding! I love to sled on the harder coarses, such as Ridge Run! What's your favorite coarse? Comment and tell me!
Here I am shoveling snow! It's fun, but it's a lot of hard work! :)

After being outside most of the day, I love to sit down and play computer games!

One of my favorite things to do on winter days is drink coffee! :)

Please comment and tell me what your favorite things to do in the winter are!

Sneak Peak of the Fire Ninja Room

Here is a new sneak peak of the Fire Ninja room! This is a picture from the Club Penguin What's New Blog, so be sure to check that out too!
What do you think of this new sneak peak? Please comment and tell me!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Club Penguin Fire Ninjas coming soon

Soon all members who are ninjas will be able to become Fire Ninjas! Go to for more information and a video!
Below are a few pictures from the video:

Please comment and tell me what you think of Fire Ninjas!